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Commercial Graphics

Over the years we have seen first hand that the quality of commercial graphics as taken a turn. We took it upon ourselves to enter this part of the market. We made significant investment into into a Roland VG3-640 Printer and Plotter, this piece of equipment allows us to print 60 inch wide media for countless applications. These applications include Commercial/Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Printed Wall Graphics, Architectural Accents and everything in between.  


CNC Flow Control Fleet Truck

This Ram 3500 fleet truck was completed with some customs graphics tailored to the company's operations while showcasing their product.

CNC Board Room

This company's new Calgary office board room got transformed with a fulled printed wall graphics spanning 276 inches by 145 inches. Our 60 inch printer made it possible to provide this much coverage with lowest number of vertical joining seams.  


Rush SR Race Car

In order to show off the capabilities of our printer. We printed an entire Race Livery while only using our printed material.  

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