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Modesta is the most exclusive automotive paint protection product
line that is currently available on the market. Each bottle is made by hand by professional chemists in Kagawa, Japan with the greatest passion and care. Worldwide they are known for the most advanced technology of paint protection and are respected for their outstanding quality and customer care.


Modesta’s products have been developed by leading Japanese scientists and are only available to hand-selected detailing specialists through the worldwide distributor network.

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In Early April of 2022, Proper became the first to join the Modesta team of certified installers in Western Canada. Our market has been dominated by Film and PPF, something that is necessary in our part of the world. Any coating won't replace film, however, we wanted to find a product that would be the perfect complement to our PPF work. Modesta is a great option to add to any PPF'd or Non-PPF'd vehicle. Providing extra thickness and hardness which translates to scratch resistance in paint or PPF. While still providing industry-leading longevity and water behavior that Modesta Coatings are known for.   


Modesta offers a range of products that suit any vehicle from Daily Drivers to Show cars. The best way to figure out what product or combination of products is best for you is to reach out to us below and we can book a consult.


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